Collectif Hutton - GUUD
Hyun Bahc(Hyunsun Park)

Music Creative Director : Hyun Bahc
Performance Director : Jei Seo
Performative Object/Hat Designer : Yoon Sunwoo
Music Composer : AndRosePeacock (Jongkwon Lee)

Performers : Dlelim Kim, Lise Herdam, Eloise Renaud, Helena Kanczinger, Jei Seo

Video Production : Hyun Bahc, Gihoon Kim, Jei Seo, Yoon Sunwoo,
Costume Production : Hyun Bahc, Dlelim Kim, Jei Seo,
Yoon Sunwoo

The "Hutton" collective is made up of three artists from HEAR Strasbourg: Hyun Bahc, SUNWOO Yoon, and SEO Jei. With each having their specialty in sound, object and choreography, it is through the collaboration of these three disciplines that we create performances.
The project that we propose to you is inspired by Korean shamanic rituals called "Gut" [gut]. This ritual contains several elements. A shaman, musicians and various objects.
There are several types of Gut which all have different purposes and meanings. There are some for the shamans themselves, for the welfare of a family, for those who have died unjustly, or for the welfare of the village. Overall, they all have a vocation to bring happiness and guarantee a better life to the people concerned.
We are therefore inspired by all these elements, taking and transforming these codes to create our own rituals. 2020 has been a very difficult year for all of us. In this new year, we have decided to produce rituals between worship and artistic performance that will give everyone positive energy. We named this show "Ceremonial GUUD".